Yesterday I developed a roll of expired (7/11) Ektar 100 film that I shot over the weekend. The film was kept refrigerated in the wine cooler so I wasn't too concerned about the film; but I was as bout the Kodak C-41 developer kit which I originally opened on 1/1/2011 - two and a half years ago! I went on the Kodak web site to consult the Tech Pub that tells you how to determine the condition of the chemistry by their coloration. The colors indicated that the chemistry was good and the roll turned out fine although I haven't printed the negatives yet. This was the Kodak 5 gallon kit and the bottles have "0833" stamped on them which may mean that they were mfg during the 33d week of 2008. I was also concerned about the C-41 fix which I first opened on 5/10/2009 and the date stamped on it is "0814."


PS: The chemistry above was not kept refrigerated nor was there any attempt to shield the contents from oxygen other than keeping them tightly caped.