So I ended up with a nice Toyo 45D kit for a lens I wanted, but I dont really need it. I'm hoping someone here is interested. Photos are on Flickr

It's a nice 45D. Lots of movements (shift/swing/tilt/rise), everything locks down tight, levels have fluid in them. Includes a flat board in copal 1 and recessed in copal 0. Only issue with the camera that I can see is a small crack in the glass (fresnel looks fine). There's a case for it, but if you arent local (or at least northeast US), it might not be worth shipping. Looking for $175+shipping

Next up a Toyo loupe. I'd keep it but I already have one that I bought here a while back. $60+shipping

Next, 6 pairs of Fidelity holders in boxes. These are some of the cleanest holders Ive ever seen. $20+shipping per pair.

Last, 7 Toyo holders. Also very clean. $15.00+shipping each

Not pictured, the camera came with a Rodenstock Geronar in late, all-black Copal 1. Also very nice, and with a polarizer. I have many other lenses in Copal shutters from 135mm to 210. $140+shipping for the Geronar.

I'd like to sell the whole kit as a kit if anyone's interested. Better pricing - $450+shipping (UPS is probably cheapest) for the lot. I'm in north jersey so oculd meet within a reasonable radius. I'll be heading up the Northway to Lake Placid next weekend for anyone up that way.


IMG_9070 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr

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