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While I love how you all go thru the greatness-virtues-compare-contrast of MCC, I thought this was a APX 100 thread

So, question, to the folks who bought up a ton of this back in '05, are you surprised it is still readily avail in 2013 with expiration dates of 12/2015? At this rate the last of APX 100 "fresh" could be 2020!!

That's my read! The longest discontinuance of any product in history (ok a little embellished but still).....

I ain't complaining, just a little surprised and buying a nice stash of APX 100 along the way....
I'll admit I was really surprised at the long date on the batch I bought - I actually thought is was going to be much shorter in date, but was very happy when my assumption proved false.

If they were still manufacturing their *last* batches at that time, I guess even longer dated could be a distinct possibility? Whilst they went under, so to speak, surely the last lot of emulsion(s) didn't get tossed away once it was all rubber stamped? Or am I missing something?

Certainly an interesting conundrum, about my most favourite film; I just hope there's still some floating around when I finish the lot I currently have - and at this rate, it could still be advertised as "fresh dated EXP 12/2035"!!