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One thing to keep in mind I think is that I do not think expiration dates are regulated. They are merely the interpretation and opinion by the manufacturer as to when the product is at its "best". You know like a Best By date on a food product. Past that date does not mean its now gone bad just that it may be past what the producer feels is its top quality. And that is likely very subjective. So no telling who might be using the same master rolls that might have been chopped into 35mm rolls sold by Agfa as expiring in 2011 and since they are only recently coming out of deep freeze are being sold with later expiry dates. Likely the same darn film but now out of "suspended animation" and therefore the expiry clock is only now more recently started.
A good point - the dates are imprinted on the boxes and the bulk roll labels, rather than the film - maybe the only way you could really know, is if someone had some film they purchased in 05 that has the same edging as those now being sold. 8 years and still counting.