When I took a photography course the instructor insisted I use a 35mm camera for the first month. Since I hadn't played with a 35mm or a zoom lens for years I decided to practice by following the action at an adult league soft ball game. There wasn't any film in the camera. Later that night (my first in town) I was sitting alone quaffing beer in a pub. Two guys at the other end of the pub kept looking over at me...shoulders hunched and leaning in to each other...talking quietly...their eyes slits of concentrated rage focused in my direction.

Luckily, a local fellow was also taking the course who recognised me and what was unfolding, went to investigate. It turned out that one of the guys was having an affair with a lady on his soft ball team and thought his wife had hired me as a private investigator to take photographs of him and his lady friend. I probably would have had the $hit kicked out of me that night if my new found buddy wasn't there!!!

Another time, I decided to take photographs on Terrace Mountain, in Terrace, BC (which is a laughable name for this 1000' bump because it's surrounded by 3000' to 5000' mountains) after a 1' snowfall. Several hours later I came down and bought a coffee at a gas station and was confronted by four pi$$ed off surly guys who accused me of doing a bunch of B&E's in the area, and that they had seen me checking out their house so I could break into it later. I used all the available "shucks guys no way see all this camera gear I was probably looking at a composition of some branches and didn't even see your house behind them " excuses at my disposal.

The RCMP officer who tracked me down later went through my gear and decided I was of no risk.

What makes me really laugh is that after my coffee I went back into the bush to take more photographs, and there were the poor RCMP officers tracks in the snow following my meanderings....on trail...off trail...*WAY OFF* trail...back on trail...back track...crawl through the thicket to see that tree...I'm a rock climber and that bluff seems do-able even with all this gear, there has to be a GREAT vantage point up there...