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Recently I ran a test session with every normal lens that I could lay my hands on from my own and other's collections. My goal was to see which lenses performed better than others, particularly with regard to sharpness and resolving power. Something unexpected that turned up was an overexposure of every shot made with the 60mm Micro-Nikkor AF D lens. I thought that this was interesting but since I don't own it, I wasn't too concerned about it. My 55 Micro-Nikkor 2.8 AIS will continue to serve me for a long time. Then today I was talking with a friend who told me that he noticed that his 60mm Micro Nikkor AF D gave him similar readings yesterday, that he had not noticed before.

So has anyone else seen such a difference between this lens and others?

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The 60mm Micro-Nikkor AF D is the center bottom image in both groups. The image of the sign is a detail of the full image of the house.
Possibly the lens diaphram didn't stop down fully.