I bought this film a few ears ago for a project I planned to do shooting panoramas in a home made camera, and I thought that using 70mm film would be ideal for the job. But like many things in life I never got around to using it, so I thought I might as well see if someone here wanted to have a go with it.

I am selling 1 tin (30.5 meters) of Fuji 70mm Fujichrome CDU Type II duplicating film which I bought in 2002, and have stored in the fridge ever since. The film is tungsten balanced, and uses standard E6 processing (although I have used similar films before to shoot fine grained black and white negatives using standard developers like Ilford DDX and ID11).

Included are 4 X 70mm cassettes (Kodak or Hasselblad) which are in excellent condition - good light traps, no rust or paint wear. They are complete with spools and original metal containers.

How does $40 + postage at cost sound? Payment via paypal, and a donation to APUG