I've been sorting through the film fridge, adn I'm never going to shoot all the film I have, so I've decided to sell most of my E6 film.

All the film has been in the fridge at around 3C since bought (I only use the fridge for film, and keep it cold)..

On offer are:

1 X Propack (5 rolls) of Fuji Velvia 100F - 9/2006
3 rolls Fuji Provia 100F - 7/2006
2 rolls Fuji Astia 100 - 11/2000
2 rolls Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus - 11/2007

12 rolls in total (plus I'll throw in a couple of rolls of Fujichrome of undeterminded date if you want them) - $45 the lot plus postage at cost.

Payment via Paypal