This is the final lot of film from my film fridge that I've decided to sell - and before you ask - yes - I still have some slide film left in case I want to shoot slides....

4 X Fuji Sensia 400/24 EXP - 2/2004

4 X Fujichrome 64T/36 EXP - 3x1998, 1 X 2002

1 X Sensia 100/36 EXP - 2/2003

2 X Kodak Ektachrome 50HC/24 - 11/93

All rolls have been in my film fridge at 3C since I got them. All are in their original boxes unopened.

11 rolls in total - how does $30 including postage in Australia, or $25 + postage at cost elsewhere sound? Payment via paypal or direct deposit if you are in Oz