I am offering this Kodak Medalist 1 Ektar 100/3.5 that takes 6x9 images on 120 film. Originally, the Medalist 1 and 2 took 620 film which has a thinner metal spool than the spools used for 120 film. Usually, the standard procedure was to respool the film from the 120 plastic spool to the metal 620 spool and then back again with all the complications that that entails. I had the camera modified by Frank Marshman who did an excellent job of enlarging the chamber that accepts 120 film. The film winds unto a 620 spool in the take up chamber. I have included an extra six 620 spools so you have 7 spools for the take up chamber. Once the film is developed, you recover the 620 spools and continue shooting more 120 film. No needless hassles respooling film. Just pop your 120 roll into the chamber and start shooting. At the same time, Frank did a complete CLA on the camera, in the process disengaging the shutter cocking mechanism from the film advance mechanism which wasn’t working properly due to a problem with the linkage that could not be fixed. So it’s back to using the shutter cocking lever just under the rangefinder window and counting the film numbers in the ruby window at the back. (This was always the usual procedure when using the ground glass and shooting sheet film). For this reason, Frank made a cut out in the leather camera case so that one can readily see the numbers when the camera is in the case. One of the metal snaps is still present and enables the case to close properly. The case could use some stitching in one upper corner (see pic)

Other than the modifications made to the camera, everything functions as it should. The speeds are correct and the glass is A-OK.
There is a generic lens cap and generic neck strap.

For those that are asking what the difference is between the 1 and 2 models, the 1 has a chrome fine focus knob next to the lens at the bottom. On the 2, Kodak, replaced the fine focus knob with a flash synch.

Those familiar with the Medalist, know that a ground glass back, metal sheet film holders (for 6½x9cm & 2¼x3¼ film), and rear extenders for the gg back are available. I have two gg backs, 30 single sheet film holders, and four rear gg extenders, and more 620 spools which I will be listing in a day. Have to round them up first and take pictures. If anybody decides to buy any of these accessories, I can wait and combine shipping.

$260 plus shipping.

Shipping is from Canada and payment through PayPal within 2 days. 2% goes to APUG.
The camera will be posted with insurance coverage and tracking. The true price will be entered on postal declarations. Customs and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

If anybody has questions or wants more pictures, give me a shout. If you want the cost of shipping, I will need your Postal Code (Canada) or zip (USA), or country, if other. I usually ship within two days of payment. If you live in Montréal, I will deliver it


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