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Most certainly not.... /me wanders off to give Van Helsing a call...

However, this "ink on paper" discussion does raise a question about another process - Carbon prints. No intermediate silver based paper used, just whack a layer of India Ink on to a sheet of paper and expose (OK, ink is mixed with gelatin and the process is a little more involved).
Good point, but two different factors might be confused this way.
1) We want analogue prints, not inkjet prints. Check!
However, an analogue print doesn't have to be on silver based photographic paper only. Thus all alt-photo procedures like, gum printing, casein printing cyanotype, carbon printing (as invented by Alphonse Poitevin in 1855, not laserprinting), salt printing, etc. are eligible, IF:
2) the original image/negative was made in an analogue way. So, not an image made with an Iphone, worked over in Photoshop and digital printed as a negative.

Shortly: If you can find the printing process in this wonderful & must read book, it is allowed (IMHO):
You'll get the drift ....