on flea markets I find stuff, play a little - and then it just sits there.

So I am trying to get toys for toys - or films for toys.

I have to offer:

1) point and shoot 28mm wide lens - it has also panorama option ! So changes to 36x24mm or 36x18mm of the fly. It is so light and plastic - it is like it is not there. All works ok, single shutter speed, focus free, not bad quality photos.

2) Olympus mju zoom - working, battery department is broken - duck tape workaround. Without battery.

3) Box camera that uses 120 film. 6x9 format, quality ... well - good for contact print.

All 3 cameras I tested with films, they are working.

Make me an offer for similar toy(s) or some B&W films (120 or 35mm). For shipping I would like to be in EU only - not to be too expensive.

If some agreement is reached - I will send first - when you receive and you are happy - you send back to me whatever we agreed.