There used to be a thread here about workarounds and substitutes for things that stopped being available or were too expensive. Boy did I luck out with one of those coups! If you look online for a drymount tissue tacking iron, you will find that D&K makes one that sells for either $70 or $170 and Bienfang/Seal makes one for $170 as well. BUT, Hobbico, Top Flite (same as Hobbico) and Coverite make utterly identical irons that sell for about $25 including shipping. I just had to replace the Hobbico I'd had for years (I left it on by accident and it burned itself out I guess), with an identical iron.

The other item that works equally well for vastly less money is parchment paper for baking. It replaces 'release' paper that sells for way too much, and I reuse the two sheets I need scores of times before starting with new ones. It works perfectly, and dry mounting is done at a much lower temperature than the 350+ degrees used for baking.

I hate being taken advantage of by the seemingly proprietary nature of photo specific products that gouge the unwary when substitutes work just as well.

Und du? Got any goodies to share?