I was in a rustic park trying to take picture of a footbridge that crosses a stream. I have my view camera all set up, shutter closed, darkslide pulled when some people walk across the bridge. A bunch of picnic-ers in tube tops and jeans with kids and dogs in tow would have killed the old-timey mood of the shot, but no problem, in a moment they would be over the bridge. I suppose that a guy with a view camera on a tripod must have been interesting to them because they all stopped on the bridge and leaned on the railing to watch the old fashioned photographer and refused to move until something happened. After a while, I raised my hand to signal them to please move along so that I could expose my film. They all started waving back at me with great enthusiasm. Finally I just sat down on a bench and ignored them until they lost interest and wandered along. I went back under the darkcloth to recheck everything and upon emerging, Yipes! I was startled by an asian couple standing right next to me side by side, smiling. "We were wondering if we could see your picture". "Sure" and let them go under the cloth to look at the ground glass.
Eventually, I actually got the shot.

You see why I prefer even a honking big 35mm?