Ok - so I recently acquired a 35mm Flektogon.
Problem is that I'm used to the build quality of Takumars, and this doesn't seem quite there in terms of build.
But, optically my lens appears to be really nice - or at least most of the time.

Why do I say most of the time?
Well I noticed something weird the other day.
Weird flaring - now - I am a newb, and rather than using this Flek on an old film camera, I've been using on a micro 4 thirds.
The aperture ring also seems to be a little bit loose - it doesn't have the same kind of satisfying and unmistakeable click you get on the Taks.
So, I'm wondering how loose the aperture ring should be - and should it be nice and tight like on the Taks.
If so - how do I tighten it up to what it should be?

The flaring may just be my use of the lens - I've read elsewhere that the Fleks are a bit susceptible to flaring, and so how the lens currently "feels" may have nothing to do with the flares.

In addition to the slightly soft click of the aperture ring, and it's slightly loose and rattly feel - the focus ring also travels a little bit strangely.
As the Taks are the only thing I can compare to, and all of those that I have, have a really nice, consistent, tight focus, the Flek feels a bit weird - along most of the length of travel of the focussing ring, it is quite smooth and tight, but at a few points along the way, it sort of feels as though the lens "skips" slightly. It's hard to describe, but it feels a bit like at a couple of points the focussing skips - it's not completely smooth linear travel like the Taks.

So, anyone got any clues as to what's up (if indeed anything!!!) with my lens, and what I might do to fix it (if anything!!!).

Any help is really appreciated!