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This is HUGE!!! I read it on this forum. This place is great for practical advice once you get past all the philisophical debates.

Unroll the entire roll of film and separate it from the backing paper. Fold the tape over the end of the roll. Now this is important. Bend the taped end of the roll back on itself near the end. Basically take the curve out of it. Now load that end first. With a dry reel that solved my loading problems. It can still be a bit finicky to get started but it doesn't hang a third or half way through for me anymore. I no longer dent my film and cause those semi circles and I don't use the SS reels I own. Try it and let us know how it works for you.
This is the way I do it since a few years now, with jobo reels. Works every time, provided the reels are dry.


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