Much obliged Steve - so it may well be that I actually have an excellent example of the lens then?


Then again, maybe not lol.
Thanks for the reply though - it would be great to get a bit of a consensus on this lens so I know what I'm dealing with.
To be honest I know next to nothing about lenses - but my friend who found out about my new Micro 4 3rds suggested Takumar to me - I acquired 4 lenses in quick succession - a 35mm 3.5f, a 135mm 3.5f, a 200mm 4f and recently I picked up a 58mm 1.8f.
The Flek is the latest addition, but in it's current "feel", it's nowhere near the build of the Taks.

Still - it seems to do some really nice things on the few occasions I've tried to use it (if my eyesight enables me to get stuff in focus correctly lol) - hence why I'm prepared to give it a go.