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My concern would be that it is firing at 1/60 all the time.
That is something to consider. Casual testing of the electronic shutter speeds indicate that they are still accurate, but I will definitely keep my ears open. Ideally, I'd run a test roll of film through and get it developed ASAP. I'm between jobs right now so my queue of exposed film waiting for development is getting quite long.

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"Bizarre accident" Now that could be an interesting story!
Oh, man. Maybe it's another thread for a another day, but Sover and I emailed each other back and forth for days trying to figure out what happened to my F2. Our tentative hypothesis is that I rewound the film improperly using an MD-1, which tore the film in half. One of the broken ends of the film somehow got trapped in between the two shutter curtains, and I mangled them both when I removed the film in the dark. Amazingly, the shutter still fired and was accurate to within 1/4 of a stop even though the curtains looked like crumpled tin foil!