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I had several cameras that were collectable rather than users stored in sealed plastic containers with silica gel. After a couple of years I opened them to find that all the leather cases were wearing fur overcoats. Nothing seemed to have affected the lenses though, and a quick wipe over seemed all that was necessary. The camera repairer I used recommended storing cameras and lenses in glass-fronted cabinets. I don't have room for that, so they live in a drawer, on the sofa, on the table, in the car, on the hi-fi .... you get the picture...
Steve :-)
Did you reactivate (dry out in an oven) the silicagel before storing the cameras? A silicagel packet will not absorb water indefinitely, it will soak up a certain amount and then it's just like a wet sponge. Anything stored with slicalgel needs to have the packets reactivated every few months or so, depending on conditions.
The trouble with sealed containers is that they keep things in as well as out.