If they'd find some master rolls in 120, and some 4x5 sheets, I'd be interested.

I still have an unopened box of 4x5 from the mid 90s, frozen the entire time except for transit time from TN back to GA when I moved, and even then I packed it in an ice chest with cold packs. Should still be good. Guess I should really use it. Never had the pleasure in 120 as I didn't get a medium format camera until 2010 or so, but shot 35mm and 4x5 in the 90s.

I just don't shoot much 35mm B&W and, when I do, it's fast film because the reason I'm shooting 35mm is usually that the light is too low for my medium format cameras and/or I need to work fast, which usually also means moving subjects and faster shutter speeds.