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It's more important to record how you arrived at the exposure setting that you used. For example you measure the shadow area and stop down 2 stop. Or you made a close up reading of the subject face and use that. Without that kind of record the shutter speed/aperture / compensation doesn't mean much.
I guess it depends what the exposure record is for, but I'd agree with this for me. I record my "process" for getting to the exposure in various shorthand. Knowing myself, I could never keep something like this going with my negative sleeves.

The problem I've run into is slightly different.... I keep my notes in a little moleskine notebook. All I write on the negative sleeve is enough to get me to the right place for that roll in the notebook. But what's happened is that over time the little moleskine notebook becomes more and more valuable because it contains more and more months of effort. I usually leave it in my car and when I come back I record all my shots in it... now I worry more and more about losing it and am becoming reluctant to take it with me on trips!