About twenty prints by Ansel Adams, from the 1930's to 1970. Just a few of the iconic images and a very nice collection of work well presented.

Free, but they may ask that you turn on the lights when you get upstairs.

The show is at the f/street gallery, upstairs in the only photo store left on the north coast. Swanlund's Camera in Eureka, CA will not be able to help LF'er with film, but there is a selection of roll film, and at least there is a packet or two of D-76 still in the back! They still process film, too...C-41/E6, and B&W.

I live a few blocks away (maybe 12 or so), so let me know if you would like to meet up...I don't mind another excuse to take another look at the prints!



disclaimer: I am on the committee that operates the gallery space (a partnership with the store owner to create a "Let's just show photographs" type of situation)