I wonder how useful these information will be at later date.

Looking at a frame on my negatives, I can pretty much tell what kind of aperture was used. While I can't tell if it was f/4 or f/5.6, I can definitely tell if it was wide open at f/2.8 or closed like f/16. Based on conditions of the scene and the aperture, I can also tell if it was like 1/15 seconds, 1/250, or 1/2000.

Even if I go back to the exactly the same location, I won't see an identical condition. Exposure can easily vary as much as 2 stops even if it looked the same to my eyes. It would be very unlikely, I will actually review these records.

On my notebook, I keep dates, location, EI, developer used, and the time developed. I also keep note of anything "notable" for the particular shoot. It might say, "cloudy day" or "fine day - used red". That's all I need, personally.

I don't discourage OP from doing what he's planning to do. But for me, it's an overkill for every roll of film. Maybe for a special project, I might.