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OK, I see.

I got a 903SWC, so the lens removal is not an issue. But good to know about the removable lens variety.

I looked at your work Chris. Very Impressive! I saved 2 of your shots to put in my guest photog portfolio. Will put your name on the files. I show them around when I have a people over that are interested in photography.

A few notes...

1) 'Gansevoort' has lots of dust on the image. Needs spotting. I didn't look at em all for dust, but check them out.

2) When I saved your 2 pix i noticed your name is not on them. You may wish to change the file names. I use this format.

"Photo Title Copyright 2013 My Name"

That way if somneone saves your pix they have the author. Sure somone can remove it. But if your work is around the web a Google image search will lead to the author.
Much appreciated for the kind words! I never really upload final work to the APUG galleries, hence the random file names...I also usually embed my copyright info and contact data in the metadata for the files.

Thanks for the tip on the dust, that version of it is an old print scan, the updated version on my website is spotless...my subscription lapsed about 2 months ago, and being a recent grad, haven't gotten around to renewing it yet...