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now that the camera is a keeper i need to figure out a way to print/digitize them. man the more you buy, the more you need to buy to get the things you just bought to work better.
For scanning (which we're not allowed to talk about around here so I'll keep it short), you can't go past an Epson v700/750, Betterscanning holder, and Kami or Lumina fluid (Lumina is kind of mandatory unless you live in the US/EU, Kami won't ship to us here in aus).
Just don't do what I see a whole lot of people doing, shooting negs using a macro-lens-bellows attached to a dslr, totally ruins the point and you may as well have just shot the original with the dslr.
Or just use a scanning-service at a local lab, some are good some aren't (I bought my scanner for home after the local lab sharpened the hell out of them and I got a photo with 100 huge clumps of grain in the shape of a person).
For the best though, you can't go past enlarging at home (I wish I had space for a darkroom).

Also, another difference to the OP, if you're the kind of completely bonkers weirdo person (like me) who likes doing stuff weird like rolling film through backwards to make redscale photos or such, it doesn't work with 120 film, there's that pesky paper in the way (I haven't tried 220 but that would probably work)