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For scanning (which we're not allowed to talk about around here so I'll keep it short), you can't go past an Epson v700/750, Betterscanning holder, and Kami or Lumina fluid (Lumina is kind of mandatory unless you live in the US/EU, Kami won't ship to us here in aus).
Plustek Opticfilm 120.

Just don't do what I see a whole lot of people doing, shooting negs using a macro-lens-bellows attached to a dslr, totally ruins the point and you may as well have just shot the original with the dslr.
While I don't use a macro lens and a DSLR, it isn't true at all that it's the same as shooting with a DSLR. The film image, by the time it even makes it to an enlarger or in front of a sensor has already gone through multiple stages which, as the sum of their parts, are what shooting film is all about. One of those big ones is related to exposure compensation and dynamic range compression innately unique to analog materials. This is in addition to all the other stuff.