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I'm really confused. You say it is better to store the Hassy with a shutter under tension and cocked? I thought it was better to store mechanical shutters untensioned. Why would the Hassy be different?
I know what you're saying is logical, but I the reason is that the mechanism springs loosen or become sloppy over time if left without tension. In the case of Hassies, the repair techs I've asked about that in either Fairfield or Santa Monica when it was there, advised me to keep the camera cocked. You could double check by calling their relocated service center in Union, NJ and here's the scoop on that:
Hasselblad USA Tech Support and Service Center
1080A Garden State Road
Union, NJ 07083
Main: 1-800-367-6434

I leave all my camera bodies cocked Nikon F2AIs, Leica and Hasselblad alike. And on my 4x5 gear, I keep the Copal shutters cocked when not in use as well. Never had a problem.