The long: I developed a roll of Tech-pan that had been shot 19 years ago (freezer stored until last year) in X-Tol (1:2, 6.5 min@ 72F), and when I took the negatives out during the wash to see if anything had survived, they looked incredibly thin and flat. I started a low curse, but finished washing and hung them to dry. They darkened as they dried, and when dry had what appears to be normal contrast and density. While I haven't printed them yet, I did run a few through the sc*****. The histograms were normal, and the skin tones perfect.

The Short: I'm now the happy possessor of a time capsule of pictures from HS Band, but am pretty sure that I've never seen B*W dry down that dramatically before. I shoot mainly Agfapan 100 (large) and Delta-100 (small) these days, but HP5 never did that to me either. Any comments? Had I not been stubborn, I might have been tempted to chuck those negs without finishing the process. The dry-down was more what I remember from color (low-contrast, bluish opalescence), than B*W.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.