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I'm really confused. You say it is better to store the Hassy with a shutter under tension and cocked? I thought it was better to store mechanical shutters untensioned. Why would the Hassy be different?
hi there

i dont' have a hassy, nor have i used them ..
but with regards to storage ..
a well respected camera repair man, tinkerer, prince of a guy and cyclopedia of knowledge
by the name of steve grimes ( you may see his name in banner ads here
for the shop which still bears his name ) said ( for copal and other/ large format shutters )
it doesn't matter one way or another if they are stored cocked or slack ...
he worked on nearly every kind of shutter made and knew his stuff ...

perhaps if he were alive he would chime in this thread and suggest the same thing
( or maybe it is different for swedish shutters and you need to store them cocked and have a slice of wasa toast .. )

steve had moxie too ..