Yes viridari it is a wonderful idea. Next sign up start September 1st, see you there!

Today I opened my mailbox and found 201 cards! One from Trond and 200 I'll mention later.

So far this round I received cards from:

Trond "Shore"
Peter Schrager "Backlot in Las Vegas with Photographer"
Andrew's "Hello from Montreal"
Red Rock Coulee's "Weathered Pillars"
mesantacruz untitled Surfers
Ed Bray's "GWR Pannier Tank 6430"
piu58's "Carline Thistle" toned with time

and the other 200? Well I received two unopened boxes of Spiratone Photocard paper made in Germany. I have no idea if it's any good, but we'll have to see in the next few days what becomes of it.