Hello all. I am acquiring a circa 1937 French manufactured 6X9 folder. Shutter speeds are 100, 50, 25, B, T. Aperture markings are [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]25 18 12,5 9 and 6,3. It is a 105mm lens. I am acustomed to the more traditional - - - 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22 - - - aperture markings that I have on my Zeiss 105mm 6X9. Does anybody have any insight into this different scale on the French 1937 model vs the 1951 Zeiss? I plan to shoot using sunny 16 conventions so I imagine I will just interpolate on the aperture scale. It is curious to me why the difference in the scale markings. Somebody out there in APUG land probably has some insight on this. By the way, I plan to use this vintage French camera to capture some ikonic (it's not just a Zeiss word ;-}) French landmarks during my September invasion of the continent. I also have a 1941 Argus C3 (ala Tony Vaccaro) to use while in the Normandy invasion locales.

Thanks for all responses.