So, I have this Sony NEX-F3 kit with a Hexanon 40/1.8 (as well as the needed adapter and a cross screen) and a bunch of accessories including everything it normally comes with, so it's pretty much brand new. I'm having trouble finding a way to sell it all. I have an ad on DPUG, but it seems like no one really goes there. Can anyone recommend a way for me to sell it all without breaking it up? I guess I could just return it, but then I'd have an extra battery and the Hexanon+adapter with no need for it and presumably no way to sell them. I'm trying to get 450 for them, 'cause I spent about 500 for it all. Does that still seem unreasonable? I was thinking about eBay, but I'm afraid I wouldn't get what I want especially with all the fees they charge... and I've had it on CL for what seems like ages.

Just looking for some insight, thanks.