tkamiya, pictures from Xpan simply looked like centre cropped 6x7 negatives, witch this is basically concept of this system. Everything was so straight. I was fine with horizontal angle of lens view but I couldn't adjust on vertical angle of 45mm lens. It was way to narrow for my liking. I was missing vertical angle of 28mm lens. If I had money to buy 30mm Xpan lens then my vertical angle will be OK but then my horizontal angle will be just too wide. The reason why I thought Xpan will work for me is because sometimes Horizont's horizontal 120 degree angle of view was to wide. Then rotating lens made all the difference I was looking for and Xpan with 45 and 90mm lenses was sold. And I never looked back! You can also check their New S3 model. The ugliest camera known to man, but it works!