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I just add 15 seconds every four rolls. Works for me.

Yahoo mail is a dream compared to the new Hotmail/outlook.com. That pos is horrid.
Every four rolls of 120 in a 1 liter kit? Like that matters so to clarify I really only shoot 120, so 2 120 reels in a 1L tank. I may have a FEW rolls of 35mm and do one run of that but the rest is 120 so I would only add 15 seconds after two runs? And isn't it cumulative percentage? So after the first that's 15 the next would be like 38 seconds more and the next would be like 52 seconds more instead of 15,30,45..?

Also, you guys are funny, yahoo and functionality? Never, as hotmail even worse, I switched to gmail years ago, better function, cleaner and more organized, more freedom, and better and more accurate spam filters by tenfold ....

But I agree freestyle could use some tweaks but sometimes a "pretty" layout can in itself give more functionality in that you notice the important buttons etc and can see things more easily, especially if you aren't used to the site.

Also new people who see the site, not only can find stuff easier but get a better impression that the site is legit because its up to a more current look standard and doesn't look "antiquated" which helps with legitimacy for new users who might be deciding between them or B&H for example.

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