I have gmail, but I never use it and use my Yahoo extensively. Why? Well mainly because I had Yahoo for a very long time before gmail ever existed and have lots of stuff set up there. But I see absolutely nothing superior in the function of gmail. And Google is, in spite of their logo, becoming almost as evil as brands M and A. Not that Yahoo isn't but I'll continue with a lesser evil. Yahoo mail does everything I need and more in web mail. I haven't actually seen any way gmail is superior other than the Google name and, if there are reasons, they are sufficiently arcane that I find them useless. I actually use my Comcast POP server mail the most, Yahoo second. I don't think gmail is cleaner or better organized - equal in that regard though with the new look of Yahoo I might give you "cleaner" but that wasn't true for me right up until last week. More freedom? WTH does that even MEAN? Spam filtering, well I don't use my gmail enough to even get spam there so I couldn't tell but Yahoo's (and Comcast's for that matter) is decently good. No spam filter will get it all, not without the risk of spam-filtering way too much legit stuff.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. It was an aside. I will continue to order from Freestyle. Having a web site that looks like every other over graphiced cartoonish nightmare on the web is no bar.

I like B&H's site. There's just something garish and cartoonish about the new Freestyle to me. Want to see antiquated, check out Photographer's Formulary.