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sounds interested. can those of us in england join in? i live on the west coast!
You mean Plymouth ??

Sure, why not ?

I don't think that we need to be VERY strict about the geographic location of the places where the pictures will be taken, otherwise we will end up with only a couple of people actually being able to work on the project !! Therefore, I propose that all pictures should be made in places that are NEAR but not exactly at the edges of the continent !! If you live on that big island, I think that you can work on any part of the west coast or near the west coast, from Fort William to Plymouth !! I hope that there will be some soul from Ireland that will be interested to cover that other big island's west coast !!

Let's see what a few days waiting will bring us !! Still have to cover the east and I hope that we'll have more friends from the south, west and north joining us !! How about Russia, Iceland, Sicilia, Espana, Portugal ??