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Another problem with those cheapo screwdrivers is that they are often soft. A soft screwdriver will chew a tight screw, even if it fits perfectly while a hard screwdriver will break - usually without damaging the screwhead. A light tap on the handle of a screwdriver will ofetn break a tight screw free. And the part of the screwdriver blade which fits in the slot nust be square with parallel sides, good screwdrivers are hollow gorund. Vaseline or even spit will hold a screw on the end of the driver, although if the fit is perfect it will stay there by itself.
EvH, I do take issue with you on the use of grease to hold the screw on the driver. While I use that method all the time on working on machinery, autos, and the like. But when working with cameras, a wee dab of grease gets on your fingers and goes a long way. Seem like no amount of washing your fingers keeps it from getting all over the project, or it seems that way. I put a wee dab of hot glue on the driver, wait a few seconds and stick it in the screw slot. Holds tight, and after you get the screw started, the dab of hardened glue knocks right off. And no grease.
I live literally with grease and grime on my hands, but when working with cameras, it just doesn't mix at all.