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He said nothing about it being "if the subject is upset, all the better" and he didn't get the shot he was hoping for.

he has insinuated that he doesn't really care and if someone is not happy with his photographing them ... great.
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Some of the best photo's have consisted of people displeased with the camera.

maybe you don't mind people taking photographs of your kids being kids
but clearly the lady whose kids he photographed did.

she didn't know him, he wasn't a friend, he was some guy hanging out on a park bench/table
for 5 mins staring at her kids, and she felt violated by it ...
she had every right to act the way she did, just as he had every right to photograph her kids in the park.
i know he didn't literally attack her, but he violated her which to ME is the same as an attack.

sometimes people ( on both sides ) need to be responsible for their actions ...
and it seems that neither the lady nor the photographer have considered this ...
i am sure if the lady appeared here on apug we'd hear a different version of the story ..