Thanks all for some great replies and advice. I haven't had a chance to print anything in the days since I posted this, but will definitely try the tips I receive.

To answer Thomas's questions- I'm not using anti-Newton glass. I'm printing the same exact negatives with the same glass. So no new film. The reason I suspected the condenser is the fact that my prior method had light bouncing all around the room, and no collimation, with no rings appearing. It was just a thought I had.

For Bruce, I don't use Photo-flow, just distilled water, no problems with stains since I got my routine down.

I am printing the 35 mm negatives without a glassless carrier, so they have no issues, it's just my 4x5 contacts.

I'll try the milk glass, I'm thinking of replacing the condenser with a piece. That should give me more uniform results for all my printing, I would think, anyway.

I don't think, Mustafa, I can find that spray around here, and would be afraid to try vaseline. I'll see what I can find, spray-wise.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.