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Take a NEW piece of film and test that, learn how it burns, then compare, that way you have an example of guaranteed safety film.

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Stuff now is on a polyester base which isn't going to do anything similar and wasn't used until after 1950. The big question is whether these are nitrate or acetate. Each decomposes, but the acetate mainly creates an acidic environment which will further the decomposition, but not burst into flames. My plan is to separate into nitrate and acetate so I can deal with the nitrate ones first as well as keep them separate.
I have burned a known acetate one and it didn't really even catch. The ones that sorta catch and then stop before going all the way are the ones I can't really ID. I'll likely either make a third pile or call them nitrate.

What's irritating is that there are ones from 1922 that refuse to catch fire and ones from 1926 that do burn. Why couldn't he stay with one type of film?

AgX, I'm just looking to see if someone knows when any other companies might have switched. All the lists I've seen only give dates for Kodak and there were other choices out there. But I would SWEAR I saw a list somewhere and now I can't find it. My google-fu is letting me down.