Its too late to join the discussion because you bought the camera. I am interested in these cameras for a long time and I contacted with Lytkarinko at Moscow - One of the largest optical glass makers and casters of 8 meters diameter Chilean telescope mirror - and Zenit Factory at Moscow. I wanted to see a lens diagram of Perfekt camera and they said it was a old project and lens designed and produced at glass factory. Zenit reply was interesting , if I order 1000 dollars or more , they said they could send me 4 perfekt camera each 250 dollars. No shipping fee and they carry the package with their van to Moscow Int. Airport.
I want to add these cameras pictures gives an wrong impression that they look too big. In real time , they are small cameras to what to do.
They use watch mechanism - real one - to move the lens and when they are broken , no camera repair shop can repair.
They have thin cheap feeling plastic body and cheap noisy mechanism.

And the latest notice , with latest model , they changed the lens design and quality drops too much and lots of fans flame to zenit.