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Roll up, roll up and get ready for the feature presentation. Grab your Supersize Coke and a Family Bag of popcorn.

This is the 3 shots (very roughly) merged together but shows the layout of the scene almost as it was. Remember the 3 shots were taken at different times, the couple on the right were there when I arrived. The gent on the left arrived 2 minutes after and Ms Pollard and sprog, 5 minutes after that.

I'd forgotten about this shot. The shot I was trying to get had the child running and jumping in the opposite direction (towards me so to speak). Imagine him leaping high and tucking his legs up, as though about to dive-bomb in a swimming pool.

The composition and timing of each shot is all to pot. I'd been on my feet constantly for about 5 hours (I said I was keen), I had calluses on my heels (crap boots) and painful cramps in my shins, so was mentally & Physically 'photographed out'. Still, like I said, the Street Photographer never sleeps.

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