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For sale is a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex. Has the Tessar 50mm 2.8 lens. It's 35mm. The meter appears to work good. Shutter speeds work, but I cannot vouch for their accuracy. Winder seems to work ok. Take up spool could use replacing. A piece is broke off at the bottom.. Focus and ranging seem to work fine.The mirror/viewfinder appears dirty. The lens appears to be scratch and fungus free.
In spite of its short comings, I honestly feel I could slap some film in it and take a few decent pics. I picked this up awhile back thinking I would clean and restore it. But here it sits. The leather case has a split in it that can be repaired.
Anyway, I figure $40 would be a fair price for this old jem. Paypal, check, or USPS money order. I cover Paypal fees. Shipping will be $10 in the US.
I have one of these and no way would I sell it for $40. It's worth much more.