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Message #278: Page 28 - Looks like it goes to the sheepish one in Washington (flatulent1). Here's wishing you good light and time to shoot for your 3-day weekend!

Here's the list again, just to move it up a bit:

Camera #1 - Leica Mini-Zoom
rcam Portchester, NY
walbergb Manitoba, Canada
the banana Manitoba, Canada
MattKing BC, Canada
John_NikonF Duvall, WA
edibot42 Half Moon Bay, CA
technowizard Los Gatos, CA (Camera last seen on its way here)
k_jupiter San Jose, CA
mooseontheloose Kumamoto-ken, Japan

flatulent1 Shoreline, WA
tron_ Shelby Township, MI
FilmSprocket Pinckney, MI
Newt on Swings Brooklyn, NY
Shawn Rahman Whitestone, NY