Greetings fellow APUGers

My current darkroom is something I've set up in my bathroom. I've got a Durst M650 (which does up to 6x6) enlarger on a rolling cart from IKEA that is roughly 54x54cm, and it has no problems acommodating my M650 as you can see here:

However, I do shoot a bit of 4x5, and for many subjects I don't think contact prints are quite satisfying, so I'm looking at getting a 4x5 enlarger. I've been in contact with a gentleman who is selling a Durst Laborator 1200 that is left after his grandfather passed away. However, his grandfather had fitted the enlarger to a custom-built table that is way too big for my purposes. So I was wondering whether or not it would be possible (or even a realistic idea) to "retrofit" the enlarger onto a baseboard that is smaller and will fit my rolling cart (in fact, I think this will be an issue for most 4x5 enlargers as the baseboards seem to be larger in general).

I should mention that I do not have a lot of woodworking skills, I might be able to get help from some relatives, but I don't think any super-advanced projects are realistic. I do however wonder if there is something special that I ought to keep in mind if I decide to go ahead with this, such as the choice of baseboard or mounting hardware.