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As you say... it all depends upon what the watch and case really are, but it sounds like a problem with the "detent spring" in the neck of the case to me. I've experienced that with Waltham's in Philadelphia Watch Case Co cases where the spring gets dry and worn and deformed. I carry a very pedestrian 15 jewel 1883 model open-face Waltham in a gold-filled case that has at least 50% of the gold worn off. Even before me it was a well used watch... and I've been carrying it since 1978!
There's a name the casemakers used for that spring and ferrule assembly that is escaping me at the moment. Sometimes the tapered shoulder on the stem wears flat and causes this problem. Then sometimes the spring is damaged by the last "watchmaker" or the wrong spring/stem combination is used....

Real watches have a fusee and are wound with a key, anyway.