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I have my Omega D2 (which is a 4x5 enlarger) on a custom made baseboard. I went to a Home Depot and had them cut a 3/4 inch plywood in roughly half. I glued them together and screwed them together. The part that the post bolts on is, therefore over an inch thick.

You don't really need woodworking skills. You just need some glue and an electric screw driver.

Enlarger this/that size is heavy and it is top heavy. Just make sure your table can handle it safely. Also, being mobile setup, I'd suggest strapping it to the table, so should it tip, they'll stay together.
This is really very good advice. While at Home Depot (or somewhere like it) pick up a few bar clamps of appropriate size to hold the base to the cart. And consider using some old-fashioned 1 3/4 bolts with nuts and washers with holes drilled through the pieces of plywood. You can use a socket wrench to attach the bolts. Plenty strong.

I'd also consider getting another cart and keep the one you pictured to handle that enlarger. Even a strong PVC restaurant service cart would work well with some very minor modifications. The wheels are generally sturdy, it's easy to modify and quite strong. You can pick them up really inexpensively from used restaurant equipment companies.

Take it light ;>)