Most expensive : 5 Barnack Leicas and a Leicaflex for working 9 AM to 1 AM , 7 days a week. Every night I was hitchhiking to my home , 70 kilometers , one night I stuck in snow storm at 2.30 am night at the middle of the road and bread carrying truck rescued me.
I heard 2 people frozen where I stucked that night.

One night at 1.30 am , I fall in sleep in the bus and bus carried me 100 kilometers away. I was not aware where I was and I started to walking.
I climbed to the hill and I heard voices and I escaped. But they found me , they were soldiers , they found a car and sent me to the home.

After these experiences , I quit working and I will never work for someone in entire life. I am not working for 13 years.