I bought this as a refinishing project, but pretty quickly found I just have no time for any projects (including general LF shooting ). So, out it goes.

Before pictures... by Scott --, on Flickr

Camera is a self-casing Rajah 8x10 with scads of draw. It's in decent shape, but there are some issues. The bellows are serviceable, but have some pinholes in corners. Hasn't been an issue unless at full draw, and then I just throw the dark cloth over the bellows and have no problems. Someone ambitious could patch the holes easily enough. Also, the gearing slips in places, but again, hasn't been much of an issue in use. The back isn't original to the camera (I don't believe), but works perfectly well. Wood's in good shape. Brass is tarnished, but polishes nicely.

Movement-wise, it's a budget Deardorff clone. Front rise/fall, tilt, swings. Rear base tilt and swings. You're obviously not buying a 'Dorff, and the price reflects that, but a perfectly passable 8x10 on a budget. And a wonderful candidate for some refinishing.

Selling for $400US plus shipping/insurance. PayPal only, buyer pays fees. I have some holders I'll be selling separately. Many more pictures available here.