Recently visited the excellent library at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. Although the stacks are closed - no browsing - they will bring you any book they have, you just have to ask. So, I browsed their catalog listings and got a few random choices. Among them were two Brett Weston portfolio re-prints by Michael A. Smith's Lodima Press and Bill Scwab's Gathering Calm, from his own North Light Press.

These three books are just sterling! I am sure the other offerings in the Weston series are the same, and have no doubt that other North Light books are also just as good. I have a good, small collection of monographs, but I buy at the used book store. (Still waiting for these more expensive types to show up there - but I'm not holding my breath.) However, my usual experience is to buy a monograph, and look at it once or twice before it becomes one with the bookcase; except maybe for a reference now and again. So, visiting a library and viewing these wonderful books (for free) is almost as good.

Although living in North Texas for 24 years, and frequently visiting the Carter, I had not taken advantage of the library in the past. Now retired, I plan to make periodic visits just to sit in the library and be inspired.

Recommended: the library at the Amon Carter (catalog list is available on line!)

... and work from North Light Press and Lodima Press.